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"Dunski Lives"

Sammy's Thought for the Day:

"It's alright to stop and smell the flowers as you go thru life;
just don't snort up the bugs while you're at it."



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Words & Turds

Death crawls over my skin...(etc.)

Absolute Truth (or A Shockingly Realistic...




Words & Turds

This book of poetic rage is just as the title describesa work of unparalleled verbosity that has been accused of having railed against the injustices of a world gone mad within the stew of its own stupidity, inanity and swill; such that there is left but little hope for the future. And we'd all (those of us with half a brain left) better just get used to the foolish running our lives and the lowest human, common denominators succeeding to great heights; to the detriment of all true and great art, and the promise of a life everlasting (depending on your view of heaven (which I'm sure everyone's wish includes the promise of 72 virgins to do our bidding, so to speak)).

To receive this work, Words & Turds, send check or money order for $29.95, plus $7.95 for S&H (that's a total of $37.90, for the mathematically challenged; we'll handle the taxes) to:

Outsider Publishing
11901 Santa Monica Blvd. #617
West LA, CA 90025



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