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"Dunski Lives"

Sammy's Thought for the Day:

"It's alright to stop and smell the flowers as you go thru life;
just don't snort up the bugs while you're at it."



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Words & Turds

Death crawls over my skin...(etc.)

Absolute Truth (or A Shockingly Realistic...




THE WORKS (some of them):

  • Bullets and Barf (OOP-But coming back soon)
  • Wet dreams upon a sandy beach (OOP-But coming back soon)
  • Absolute Truth (or A Shockingly Realistic & Arbitrary, Detailed Synthetic Replica thereof)


Words & Turds
This book of poetic rage is just as the title describes—a work of unparalleled verbosity that has been accused of having railed against the injustices of a world gone mad within the stew of its own stupidity, inanity and swill; such that there is left but little hope for the future. And we'd all (those of us with half a brain left) better just get used to the foolish running our lives and the lowest human, common denominators succeeding to great heights; to the detriment of all true and great art, and the promise of a life everlasting (depending on your view of heaven (which I'm sure everyone's wish includes the promise of 72 virgins to do our bidding, so to speak)).
Absolute Truth (or A Shockingly Realistic & Arbitrary, Detailed Synthetic Replica thereof)

The book that started it all. A seminal (and I do mean seminal; in that there is semen liberally sprinkled over each and every page, in a hedonistic rite from the ancient Greek Mystery religions) work. An automatic biography dictated from a hidden voice deep in Mr. Dunski's head that screamed to get out—and finally did. "What can I say about Dunski; what can be said about perfection?", as one critic described it.


Death crawls over my skin like A Large, hairy, Green Spider that eats her young and then retches them up Again

And what, indeed, could be said of this collection of Puletzer-winning riffs on a theme that the title doesn't already make painfully explicit? Unprecedented dents in the armor of the Social Hypocrisy Machine. Get'um while they're hot!


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