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"Dunski Lives"

Sammy's Thought for the Day:

"It's alright to stop and smell the flowers as you go thru life;
just don't snort up the bugs while you're at it."



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Words & Turds

Death crawls over my skin...(etc.)

Absolute Truth (or A Shockingly Realistic...




Death crawls over my skin like A Large, hairy, Green Spider that eats her young and then retches them up Again

And what, indeed, could be said of this collection of Puletzer-winning riffs on a theme that the title doesn't already make painfully explicit? Unprecedented dents in the armor of the Social Hypocrisy Machine. Get'um while they're hot!

To receive this work, Death crawls over... (you know, the title above), send check or money order for $29.95, plus $7.95 for S&H (that's a total of $37.90, for the mathematically challenged; we'll handle the taxes) to:

Outsider Publishing
11901 Santa Monica Blvd. #617
West LA, CA 90025


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